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Professional Body Piercing & Body Jewelry

Meet Eli, founder and superior master piercer of Pierced Utopia. With over 25 years of experience in the piercing industry, Eli established his first shop in Chelsea, MA in 1996 and has since expanded to Saugus and Danvers. Many local body piercers have apprenticed under his wing, and he continues to train many more. He has attended many APP conferences over the years in order to bring the latest health and safety information and the newest piercing techniques to the shop. Eli is known for being extremely funny, he is the jokester of the shop! You will be amazed at how quick and precise his piercing style is. You are bound to leave the shop with a huge smile on your face after getting a piercing with him.
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Eli Rechdan
Nadine Rechdan
Meet Nadine, a graduate from Umass Dartmouth with a major in accounting and a cat mom of two. She has worked alongside her father, Eli, since she was a little girl. She fell in love with body piercing at a very young age and began getting pierced at the age of 10. By the time she was in high school, she was already all pierced up! Nadine got her apprenticeship the summer after her eighteenth birthday. With almost five years of experience, she has completed over 10,000 piercings! She is very passionate and talented at what she does, which is reflected through her work. Nadine specializes in ear piercings and decorating. She is very soft-spoken and patient. Most people love her sense of calmness and ability to put you at ease.  People are always shocked at how gentle but quick she is. Nadine is constantly learning new techniques and is very meticulous. You can count on her to get your piercing "just right".
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Meet Darlene, a long-time piercer at Pierced Utopia. Darlene started her career as a body piercer at Pierced Utopia in 2013 and completed her apprenticeship with Eli in 2014. Darlene works at the Danvers location and is loved by many. Darlene is a loving mother of three and treats everyone as her own. She will make you feel very comfortable and at ease. Darlene loves to freehand most of her piercings and is always down for a new challenge. With lots of prior experience in the medical field, she is very knowledgeable about health and safety requirements. If you ever have questions or need anything at all, she is always a message away. 
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Darlene Velez
Graciela "Jamie" Roman
Meet Jamie, a college student and a caring mother to her daughter. Jamie began her apprenticeship with Eli in 2019 and became a fully licensed body piercer in 2020. The team can always count on her to lighten up the mood or go on coffee runs to fuel the team up. She is very friendly and will keep you distracted to calm your nerves. If you were debating which piercing to get or weren't sure what would look best, you can count on her to give you her honest opinion.  
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