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Professional Body Piercing & Body Jewelry

Age Requirements
In order to receive a piercing, you must be 18 years of age and show proper identification*. We do offer a variety of piercings to minors, however, a legal parent/guardian must be present and provide proper identification. We will not perform any piercings other than earlobes on any minor below the age of 14. We ABSOLUTELY CANNOT pierce any genitals on minors (including nipples) even with parental consent, per Massachusetts laws. 
Proper forms of Identification*
  • State issued driver's license or ID
  • Passport
  • Military ID card
  • Birth Certificate with a school ID
  • Permanent Resident Card    
** All forms of identification must be non-expired. Permits and temporary IDs are NOT a valid form of identification.
*** Please note that you MUST provide identification each and every time you get a piercing.
Proper forms of Identification for Minors
  • Minors must provide a birth certificate with photo ID.
  • A legal parent/guardian must provide one of the proper forms of identifcations listed above.
  • Legal guardians must provide court documents that prove legal guardianship of a minor.
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