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Professional Body Piercing & Body Jewelry

Do I need an appointment to get a body piercing?
For the most part, we only accept walk-ins. You will be pierced in the order your paperwork was filled out (first come, first served). Appointments for more intricate piercings can be scheduled with our master piercer, Eli. 
How is the piercing done? Will it hurt?

Piercings are done using a sterile, hollow needle that is passed through the body part followed by the insertion of the body jewelry in the hole. A piercing gun is not used as it cannot be properly sterilized. We do offer lobe piercings with a single use, prepackaged, sterilized piercing cartridge. Pain is a very subjective question and will completely vary from person to person. However, most piercings are done super quick and are performed in less than a minute!
What should I expect during the healing process and how should I clean my piercing?
Please visit our After Care page for after care instructions and guidance. 
How old do I have to be to get a piercing and what kind of documents do I need?
Please visit our Age & ID requirements page for a full list of accepted documents and minor information.
What kind of jewelry do you use to pierce?
We use medical grade surgical stainless steel to perform most of our body piercings. Surgical stainless steel is hypoallergenic which means it does not contain nickel and works well with sensitive skin. We do also offer titanium jewelry at your request.
I am starting to develop a bump on my piercing. What should I do?
If you have any questions or concerns about a piercing, please make an effort to go back to your piercer. If you are unable to visit our shop, snap us a picture and send it via email, instagram, or facebook where one of our piercers will further assist you. 
If I remove my piercing, will there be a scar?
With any body modification comes the risk of potential scarring. The depth and severity of scarring will all depend on your body and aftercare. Generally speaking, piercings that heal better than others will experience much less scarring. Piercings that tend to migrate or reject will leave more scarring. 
I am pregnant, can I get a piercing?
We do not pierce pregnant women under any circumstances. In case an infection occurs (which is typically rare), the infection can travel though the bloodstream and possibly affect the fetus. It is best to wait until you are no longer pregnant to get a new piercing. 
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